To know that everything is ok makes me want to ignore it. I want to uncare with them, but suck i do not have that enough feel to kill. Just to be kind, but un slap, i do have everything to make them call me as a good person. Do i’ve bored with this life? yes, i do. Things going always in that way. I need more some colour with my day. Hack a day to makes me feel better, but its not enough me. I want to be hate. Can someone do that on me? to be feel that we have an enemy. Meet some adventure that insain for an ordinary people. To smack an kick on some human ass, fighting like i am a man. These day feel with peace full day. People goes to say hai to another, like they know each other, like they feel have a good relationship with them. Reverse of that, they just fucked. Some people say, to have love can make peace on everyheart of anger. But i do not have it. I’ve feel it, and i hate it. I have numb with it. I do not trust it.


~ by kidKae on December 24, 2007.

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