Almost New Year 2008

welcome 2008

Sehari sebelum tahun berganti. Evaluasi pada smua aspek. Banyak yang udah ku lalui. Tapi tidak banyak yang teringat. Januari – Desember. Beberapa kejadian masih ku ingat. Itu pun yang belum lama berselang.

New thought, new fault, new friends, new job, new experience, new mind, new colour, new stuff, new sight. New, new and new. Some new not always be fun, a lot of lost is always be part of it. Some missing is back to found but some other is true lost.

I am sori for myself if i had a lot of sins. I am sori to everyone fur everything the mistake i had. I am sori gubbye…halah. Trying to be better next year.


~ by kidKae on December 29, 2007.

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