Nice second for a moment. The life seems to be ordinary. Not a lot with meaning, just want to be like some other normal life human. I try to keep up. Balance on everything. Dont want to dissapoint everyone. Made myself, looks like doesnt need other man.

Always. Want to be more than some done. Art, beauty and mean use to follow the creation. Those brain was so arrogant, my brain. With a lot line of mind, a passion to break. I got remember. Mortal is always has a limit. Die for nothing.

On some day, one day on a year, on a twelve. Memories came with so tiredly. Lay it down for a while just to know, past is the path that show future. A better life future. Twenty two years has pass. Long time enough to think, i am not a child anymore. I am grown up.

This is my line. My truely life, has been started. This… is my life.


~ by kidKae on April 12, 2008.

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